Litigation Funding

At Tempest we believe that funding should not be a barrier to achieving a legal outcome. Our litigation funding process is designed to ensure that cases with merit are able to go through the legal system with the best chances of success. If you currently have a legal case that is stagnant due to certain barriers such are legal costs or requiring further professional advice, contact Tempest and we will be able to help.

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1. You contact us with a case you would like to receive funding for.

2. We will acknowledge and assess your application, during this we may require further information from you.

3. Once we assess your application we will either decline to fund to move on to the next step.

4. We will send you a letter of intent, outlining funding options, arrange a split (if successful), and due dilligence period for us to be able to undertake a comprehensive review of the documentation and claim.

5. After due diligence has been completed, we will enter into a Formal Funding Agreement.

6. We pay all the agreed costs of the litigation through the proceedings.

7. We closely liaise with all parties involved to ensure that the claim is being managed effectively.

8. We split recoveries according to our arrangement (if the claim is successful).


The following is the criteria for a case to be considered for funding:

– Claim Amount – Is the case between $200,000 and $2 million?
– Ability of the defendant(s) to pay – Can the defendant(s) pay the judgment amount or settlement sum?
– Evidence of claim – What documents/correspondence is being relied on for the claim?
– Legal Principles – What principles are being pursued?
– Status of Plaintiff – Is the Plaintiff/Client commercial and realistic in their approach?

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the claim is unsuccessful?

In the case that the claim is unsuccessful in court and we lose, there are no costs for you to pay. Tempest takes the risk.

no success = no fees


My claim doesn't meet the Funding Criteria

If your claim does not fall within our criteria, but you believe funding is the best option for yourself moving forward, contact us with the details of your claim and we will review it an get back to you.