Debt Buying

Debt is a natural part of the business world and at some point it is likely that you will have to deal with a debtor. Tempest has recognized that there is quite a lot of risk involved for the creditor in the debt recovery process, so we have designed our debt buying service to provide a market solution that will deal with bad debtors in an effective way which eliminates all risk involved with the debt recovery process and at NO up-front cost to you, so you can start your recovery process today.

There are many options to choose from when deciding how you will recover this debt. But here are some factors that you should also keep in mind:

– How much will it cost to recover this debt?
– What are my chances of recovery?
– Is the debtor able to pay?

The last thing you want to do is to spend more time & money to try recover the debt, with no result. Get in touch with us today to apply with u s!

Selling your debt outright may be the right option for your business and has its unique benefits:

  1. Guaranteed cash in-flow for your business.
  2. Free up resources to focus on generating more value.

If you currently have bad debt(s) that you would like to walk away from, while still receiving compensation, contact Tempest today for an evaluation.

When deciding to recover debt there are many avenues to consider. However, many options such as engaging with a lawyer, carry risk as recovery is not guaranteed, while your legal fees will be. Our ‘Arrange a Split’ model allows you to eliminate 100% of the risk in the recovery process.

We cover ALL legal costs

This includes all up-front costs associated with filing documents, court fees, and any other fees that may be required to take your case through the Courts.

We provide expert lawyers for FREE

Our in-house legal team are specialized in debt recovery and insolvency, and will be managing your file as well as doing all the work required for the best chances of recovery.

Our Process

1. You contact Tempest with a debt you would like to arrange a split with.

2. We will evaluate the debt and come back with an % offer to split on all recoveries.

3. If both parties are satisfied, an deed of assignment will be signed, which will assign the debt to Tempest, giving us the right to to the debt.

4. We contact the debtor to enforce the debt.

5. If the debtor does not co-operate with good faith, legal action is swiftly taken to receive judgement.

6. Judgement will be enforced for recoveries.

7. From the recoveries, the court filing fees will be repaid first.

8. Remaining recoveries are split according to the deed of agreement


We buy these type of debts outright or arrange a split:

✔   Bad debt
✔   Unsecured debt
✔   Old or historic debt
✔   Disputed debt
✔   Rent or lease arrears
✔   Unpaid goods or services
✔   Insolvency debt
✔   Debts which collection agencies are unable to resolve

If you are unsure whether or not Tempest will buy your debt, contact us today before you write it off!

1. You contact us with a case you would like to receive funding for.

2. We will acknowledge and assess your application, during this we may require further information from you.

3. Once we assess your application we will either decline to fund to move on to the next step.

4. We will send you a letter of intent, outlining funding options, arrange a split (if successful), and due dilligence period for us to be able to undertake a comprehensive review of the documentation and claim.

5. After due diligence has been completed, we will enter into a Formal Funding Agreement.

6. We pay all the agreed costs of the litigation through the proceedings.

7. We closely liaise with all parties involved to ensure that the claim is being managed effectively.

8. We split recoveries according to our arrangement (if the claim is successful).


The following is the criteria for a case to be considered for funding:

– Claim Amount – Is the case between $200,000 and $2 million?
– Ability of the defendant(s) to pay – Can the defendant(s) pay the judgment amount or settlement sum?
– Evidence of claim – What documents/correspondence is being relied on for the claim?
– Legal Principles – What principles are being pursued?
– Status of Plaintiff – Is the Plaintiff/Client commercial and realistic in their approach?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there hidden costs?

There are NO hidden costs! But these are the costs that will effect you:

1. Previously agreed % split that Tempest takes on recoveries.
2. Court filing fees which will be initially repaid to Tempest in the case of recovery.

Are you a debt collection agency?

We are not a debt collection agency, as our recovery process is much more efficient and effective. We are a debt buying firm

In the case the debtor does not engage with us then we promptly take legal action.

What happens if no recoveries are made?

If enforcement of a judgement still prevent us from making any recoveries then we will promptly start our process to bankrupt or liquidate that debtor.