We remove all barriers involved with recovering debt & litigation

Why choose Tempest?

Costs Covered

Costs associated with recovering debt and litigation are covered up front by Tempest. 

Specialist Lawyers

Our team of in-house lawyers, experts in litigation and debt recovery, will be managing the debt.

No Further Investment

Free up your time and money. We use our own resources to get a result.


No Recovery, No Fee

Once you receive funding or sell a debt, we do all the work required and take on all the risk.

Our Services

Debt Buying

Are you currently dealing with bad debt and are unsure what the best options available are moving forward? Consider arranging a split with Tempest.

Litigation Funding

Legal cases with merit should go through the Courts, however this process comes with many barriers, with the largest being the associated costs. Tempest removes all these barrier for you.

Arranging a split with Tempest

We’re here to answer any questions!

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